Saturday, August 16, 2014

Google Products

"Now you can create shortcuts for easier navigation across your favorite Google products".

Google has come a really long way to make its current line of products.

Answers, Picasa, Local Mobile, Directory have all been terminated. Froogle has been changed to Shopping,

Labs, Pack and Catalogs all have been killed to be combined or simply renamed Google Search ("Web Search") since 2006 as shown on my blog (2006/5), while University Search has been renamed Custom Search and Special Searches, Search Help Center.

Still, Google Maps and YouTube and Gmail, which are not listed here, and Mobile, News, Docs, Translate etc. are all among its useful and thus popular products.

My favorite product is Calculator and Unit Converter. It is one of its products still remaining on Google's current product line but has now been categorized as "Types of search results" < "Search Features".

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